St. Andre Launch

St André les Alps

St. Andre, Entrevous and Moustiers

The Pictures:
St. Andre SE Launch
Launch Potatoes
Local Sign
Drafting Caterpillars
West Launch
Mountain Guide
Looking West
More Launch Spuds
1/3 of the train
Closeup of Caterpillars
Wierd Helmet
Prepping for Launch
Nova Inflation
Nice, mellow wind
Looking up Valley
Don Launching
Alex's Approach
Hans Kiting
Dick in the Venturi
Hans after the drag
Left of entrance
Right of entrance
Car in entrance!
Dragon Rain Drain
Narrow French Streets
Upper Drawbridge
Gas Powered Wheelbarrow
North from Upper Bunker
Town from Upper Bunker
Officer's Club View
Moustiers lower launch
Hans 'flying' Moustiers
'Flying' the Grand Canyon
Alex in Moustiers
'Flying' over Moustiers
Religious Cave

Our flying holidays in this part of France always prove to be extremely popular. Group sizes are small and therefore early booking is recommended. These holidays operate on specific dates between June and October.  (The school operates in Tenerife from November to April.

Non-flyers are welcome to join us and   provided they have taken our insurance  and booked before departure , tandem flights can be provided by   British Tandem Champion and International Competition Pilot, Tony Delaney

Package will include all transport, return flight to the UK. Based on two are sharing per room in two star hotel. Coaching and site guidance is provided at no extra charge.

Hotel Monge provides 
spacious and comfortable accommodation and retaining its French charm and character. The views across the valley are breathtaking. The hotel is in the middle of the small village of  St André just one hour from  Nice  airport. Conveniently situated next to the main landing field it provides the perfect base.

The Flying

For the beginner
Vast open meadows provide perfect landing fields  and ground training . Once you are able to safely take off and land, you will progress onto flights of  up to two  thousand feet. After one week you should be a very competent pilot.

For the Improver and advanced pilot
Flights of  2 000’ are available  on the doorstep with plenty of thermal and cross-country potential for the more advanced. .

How do you get there
We will arrange your out and return flights and connection to  Nice  from a convenient UK airport.  (see the list on Booking Form below  The prices quoted will include this.

What if it's not flyable?

There is plenty of history around the area, and on the rare unflyable days we may go sight seeing. Entrevoux is a drawbridge protected fortress that is quite old, although some of the prison cells were constructed much more recently.
Moustiers, another of the many ancient towns, lots of interesting things to do, like walking down from launch on the old roman road, eating more food and drinking more wine. There's so much interesting history here, that I won't even go into it, just visit sometime and experience it!

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