Microlight Flight Vouchers

For the person who has everything, why not buy them a Microlight  flight voucher  

Airborne offers Microlight flying lessons across the whole of the UK. Take a trial Microlight lesson and you will get discount on future Microlight training.Microlight and Ultralight aircraft flights: Microlight flying Vouchers make a superb present for anyone. No fitness required. 17 stone weight limit.

Our attractive gift vouchers entitle you to 20 - 30 minutes flying on a Microlight at a school near you anywhere in the UK. All Microlight Centres are carefully selected by us and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.. The vouchers are valid for a nominal 6 month period which allows the recipient time to make a reservation to suit themselves.

The flights take the form of an introductory trial lesson and you may be given the opprtunity to fly it for yourself! Although this is just a taster, the time will count towards the hours required for the licence should further training be taken up.

Charges:         20 - 30 minutes  pleasure flight / trial lesson - 129.00

(The above charges include flying suits, helmet, intercom, and gloves, but we recommend you wear a sturdy pair of shoes / boots. The time starts from when the instructor starts the engine. There are no hidden charges)

Content:         This is entirely up to you.  You can just sit back and take in the scenery, have a feel of the controls, experience some of the training syllabus or even discover the manoeuvrability of a flex-wing Microlight and why they are so safe.

Locations:       Centres throughout the UK

Aircraft:         Typically, Pegasus Quantum 912.  One of the most modern of its type.  An excellent flyer and, although quite powerful, makes a superb trainer.  This same type of aircraft has successfully been flown around the world.

Continuation: The centre will be happy to discuss continuation training, should you wish to obtain your Pilots Licence

If you have more questions, please contact us.

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