Pilot Rating.

There are an increasing number of Pilots who are finding it necessary to gain Pilot Rating. Some flying sites are restricted to "Pilot" only. If you are planning to fly XC it is prudent to be Pilot Rated first or you might find yourself at the wrong end of a law suit. It makes a lot of sense too because you will be a safer more knowledgeable pilot and secondly Pilot rating is a nationally recognised minimum standard to fly cross country. We offer large discounts on our holidays for those who are Pilot Rated too! The Club Coaching scheme encourages you to gain your Pilot Rating. To do this you must register here for the

Pilot E-pack

which includes:

  • Air Law, Meteorology

  • Flight theory

  • Instrumentation

  • Example examination questions & answers

  • Flight Log Sheet for Pilot Rating

  • Flight Log software download

  • Examinaton Entry fee


Pilot Training (Post CP)

The ongoing training will take place predominantly at weekends, although some weekdays will be available during the summer period. The coaching will be a distance learning course, based on the Pilot E-Pack above. You will progress through the Pilot task sheet at your own rate. The course can be up to 12 months from start to finish with unlimited days during that 12 month period.

For those who prefer not to join this training scheme, you can book the Pilot E-Pack above and progress through the tasks. The tasks must be witnessed by another Pilot Rated Member

What you can expect

  • Email support to any theory questions you have

  • Task oriented flight development

  • Distance coaching on your own radio

  • Discussion of weather and appropriate tasks for the day

What you cannot expect

  • Theoretical work cannot be dealt with on the busy hill.

  • An instructor sat on top of you

  • Telephone support

  • Use of school radio (you must have your own) Click here to look at radios



Flight Log software for Paraglider and Hang Glider Pilots

The Flight Log software allows you to quickly record all of your Hang Glider and Paraglider flights and automatically generate summary and statistical information. The program features an easy to use graphical display to enter and view flight information such as airtime, location, glider, flight conditions, altitude and remarks. There are user defined site and glider libraries that track flying days, flights and airtime. The program has sort, filter and search functions for finding specific entries and a graphs form for displaying a yearly summary of flights and airtime in a graphical format.  There is also a summary and pilot info section for ratings and awards.

Click here to order Pilots E-Pack

Free online Pilot test

Click here for free 100 question online test (our thanks to Kev Mills for locating this)