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Winter Paragliding

fun in the sun!


All holidays include:

* Shared apartment. (Private apartment extra)
* Private minibus transport
* Site guidance or instruction


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Leave the winter blues behind - join us in Tenerife the winter sunshine playground of Europe. The next available dates are below. If you are online, the links are active. Places are very limited for each trip, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

What is included?
That depends on the option you have chosen. If you are a complete beginner, we can provide you with everything you need to fly. All packages include the following:

  • Apartments - these have been carefully selected to provide convenient location for beach and shops whilst being within minutes of the most popular flying sites.
  • Paragliding - choose from one of the options from the table below. Whichever level you are, you can be sure of fun, high flying and virtually no walking up!
  • And don't forget, you can bring friends or family too on our special low none paragliding rates.

In south Tenerife, just outside the main resort of Las Americas. The accommodation is conveniently located for beach, town and mountains. Map

What do you need to bring?
Just your normal holiday gear, plus good boots, sun cream and a sense of adventure! If you intend buying your own gear prices are reduced and to spread the cost, you can even pay over several months. Please call for details.

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The Flying: As featured on Channel 5 Rough Guide holidays

For the beginner

This is the easiest, most exiting way to learn to paraglide. In the words of Julia Bradbury who hosts BBC1 Watch Dog, BBC 4 Wainwrights Walks & Channel 5  Rough Guide Holidays after flying tandem with Tony Delaney, our Chief Instructor and the reigning British Tandem Champion, : "This is absolutely the best thing I have ever done!" She tells us that she has flown with Red Devils and done a freefall parachute jump and 
Ultimate Rock Climb (BBC1), amongst many adrenalin sports. So, that is praise indeed!


See the Channel 5 "Rough Guide" video  here

Virtually guaranteed light winds with plenty of thermals mean that the use of dual control tandem instruction will give you lots of airtime. You will experience massive mountain tandem flights and stunning scenery - usually several during the week - amassing a huge amount of airtime, far more than you could possible achieve solo. You will take the controls, with the instructor safely next to you should he need to take over, so that by the time you land, you will be able to competently control the paraglider. You will be taught thermal technique, cross country flights and explore the huge mountains and wilderness. Flights with buzzards, and hawks are common.

You will learn and perform, landing approach control, maximum glide techniques, navigation and advanced aerial manoeuvres. All with the safety of being with the best tandem pilot in the UK. Due to the nature of mountain flying, you will spend much time learning ground control techniques - the platform for every good pilot.  Once you are able to safely take off and land, you will progress onto flights of your own. The added bonus of learning in this accelerated way is that you will not be walking up many hills. They have roads to the top. We cannot guarantee that you will gain a solo certificate during the week, weather provided, we can guarantee that this will be the adventure of a lifetime. After one week you should be a very competent pilot, with flying skills way beyond the normal CP pilot. Please note that there is no where on earth that can guarantee the weather. Tenerife is about as reliable as you can find anywhere. In the event of none-flyable weather, we have a DVD library and we can arrange alternative activities such as diving, jet skiing and of course you are staying in a very popular tourist resort right by the sea, where there are endless outdoor activities.

These mountain courses are very different to anything you will experience on basic hills. This is serious flying. As such the programme you will follow will reflect this. Expect plenty of flying with your instructor in the back seat, giving you full on,  1-2-1 instruction. This is how you learned to drive a car and in our view,  is the very best way to learn to fly a paraglider too. We know of no other school offering this kind of course. It is costly for us to run, but we are passionate that it makes the best pilots!

We allow only 3 beginners per week with one instructor - this means that you will get very personalised instruction. But this means you need to BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment.

For the Improver and advanced pilot

Flights of 3000 are available in the locality with plenty of thermal and cross-country potential for the more advanced. Since the winds are usually light sea breeze, out an return flights are often a daily event.

One key aspect to this area is that you get ample opportunity to improve your flying skills. Be it thermalling technique, take off or landing skills or simply more airtime.

Our CFI is always at hand for those tips and helpful advise to advance your skills and our minibus will pick you up from where ever you land and whisk you straight back up to take off or the nearest bar - your choice!



  • Nearest airport: Reina Sofia, Tenerife South (19 kms).

    From the airport, take the left hand lane for TF1 Los  Christianos, follow the motorway south until junction 30 (Torviscas/Playa Fanabe), turn right (Torviscas sign) and immediately right again to cross the bridge.  The resort is on the right opposite the Playa  Olid Hotel. A taxi will cost around 20.


    NOTE: There is also an airport at Tenerife North and this is approximately 90 kms from the resort. 

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