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Since the dawn of time man has looked toward the heavens and dreamed of flying and the ability to soar effortlessly like the eagles.

From Icarus' ill fated attempts to the latest stealth bomber, man has never ceased in his quest to conquer the skies. Now, hang gliding and paragliding have made that dream a reality for the ordinary man or woman. The concept,  conceived by NASA in the 1960's, was developed by amateur enthusiasts and today modern materials and professional manufacturers have given the kind of performance that even the wildest imaginations could not have thought possible.

Today both hang gliders and paragliders are capable of flying hundreds of miles, un-powered, using wind and air currents to sustain flight - just like birds.

If you are a novice, whether learning to fly conventional hang gliders or paragliders, we recommend that you purchase our Training Video or Training Resource Pack by clicking here.

Airborne is the UK's most experienced professional hang gliding and paragliding training centre. We are recommended by our sports Governing Body, the  BHPC.

If you haven't flown before, paragliding offers you the unique opportunity to fly solo on your very first day!. Hang gliding with its more complex controls and higher speeds takes considerably longer. It is more demanding, physically and mentally and therefore most beginners opt to fly paragliders first. In fact, the latest paragliders now have "hang glider" performance becoming, in fact the new hang glider. If you have experience and wish to progress onto a hang glider, we will be happy to construct a conversion course that specifically meets your requirements and any previous experience.

A paraglider is best described as a hang glider in a rucksack. Weighing as little as 5Kg (11lbs), it is easily carried and stored. It takes minutes to set up, yet they are capable of flying huge distances across country (currently the record is over 200km) and at very high altitudes regularly at cloud base!

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Our courses run full time, year round in the Pennines and mainland Europe in summer and South of Tenerife in winter. Our UK centre is based on a 17th Century Yorkshire farm and most of the training is on hills within easy commuter distance from Leeds or Manchester.  For details of local accommodation, please click here.

We offer two routes to training...firstly we provide the training and equipment hire or secondly, you can purchase a complete package including the aircraft, equipment and training.

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