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Inject a large dose of excitement into someone's special day with a Gift Voucher for a Paragliding Course! An ideal gift for the adventure enthusiast, or a perfect surprise for the couch potato!! Just choose the course you'd like to buy and we'll send you a gift voucher to present on the big day. You don't have to book the exact dates, the recipient just has to let us know a minimum of two weeks before they would like to come to confirm availability.

When you have purchased your voucher you will receive a confirmation email with an order no.
For that extra personal touch, we will send you your personalised Voucher by e-mail with the name of the lucky recipient and the purchasers name - so don't forget to provide these. Then, simply contact us and arrange a day to fly. Bring your voucher with you. Easy isn't it?



Paragliding flying vouchers:

Our flying vouchers entitle you to one or two days tuition on a Paraglider or if you would like something with instant adrenaline try a Tandem flight 

FUNDAY- taster session
If you've ever dreamt you were flying through the clouds sans aeroplane, it can always be a bit disappointing to wake up back in your bed on terra firma. Airborne can make that dream a reality. Let just a few pounds flutter from your wallet to experience a one-day paragliding taster session at this fantastic aerial activity centre located in the heart of the Pennines in Luddendenfoot, Halifax. Under the guidance of friendly instructors you will start with ground and safety training. The day is predominantly aimed to be an introduction which will teach you how to start from ground zero to being able to launch and control the paraglider without your feet leaving the ground. In some case, where skills allow this may be followed by a few low level flights on a very shallow slope no more than a few feet above the ground but delivering an experience like no other. We are unable to guarantee that you will fly on a first day due to important Health and Safety considerations. That is really down to existing skills, ability, fitness, attitude and preparation. If you really want the best chance of taking to the air, we recommend at least the two day course. Experience has demonstrated that most clients will fly solo by the end of day 2. After the Funday experience, you can also enjoy a 50 discount from some other paragliding courses to further your skills or even gain accreditation. So get ready to take-off - click 'buy now' or you'll be left grounded! Don't forget to let us know who the voucher is for by putting the recipients name in the comments section below, so we can send your personalised Voucher by e-mail! You can take the day anytime within 12 months - no cancellation Voucher. Mandatory Personal Insurance is required for around 11 per day. Click the link below for details. Our flying season is year round summer (BST) in the UK and winter in Tenerife!


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The first day is exactly the same as the Funday above. On the second day you will pick up from where you left off on day one - continuing your short flights which, depending on your skill level will increase gradually in altitude to up to 300ft.

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You will be given a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes air experience tandem flying with the UK Champion, (If it is less you will be invited to have a 2nd flight without charge!). You will shown basic safety elements and once airborne you can sit back and relax and, following relevant training take the dual controls if you wish!

As we are not able to exactly predict the wind or weather, you will be asked to attend at the start of the day - usually 10.30. You will run through some safety drills with your instructor, then as soon as the wind allows, you will take to the air. With the vagaries of British weather we ask that you keep the whole day free - as late as 6pm - but would hope to have your flight underway before lunchtime.

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When you have purchased your voucher you will receive a confirmation email with an order no.
We will send you your personalised voucher with the name of the lucky recipient. To book a days tuition after that, simply contact us and arrange a day to fly. Bring your voucher with you. Easy isn't it?

NB! Please state the name of the recipient in the comments section